January 18, 2013

Plausible Power Politics?

Our politicians are never tired of getting despised for all the reasons they know. Point in case, the justification given by Union Minister Vayalar Ravi and Ghulam Nabi Azad to some Congress ministers hailing from Seemandhra. The reason behind the firm support by Congress High command (as they call it) for separation of Telangana is the high probability of Congress getting close to 16 seats from Telangana state in future. They feel that the Seemandhra ministers have failed to lobby enough to keep the state together and more importantly failed miserably in ensuring seats in the next state elections. Looks like YSR Congress will have the last laugh amidst all this. Plausible Power Politics, eh? Definitely not. Fingers crossed. I wouldn't appreciate this geographical division for sure.

January 05, 2013

Happy New Year

I know it is coming a tad too late. But, to be frank there was no reason for me to feel happy about or celebrate a new year when so many others were fighting for a cause to bring about change. I am writing this post and wishing everybody a new year now because I feel we need something to change about ourselves and something positive to give back to ourselves. And, this is the reason for it.

"Humanity has died in the society we bred among us. It sends shivers down my heart when I hear that nobody even bothered to help or at least cover the victims of that night in Delhi and that they were left to suffer naked in the cold in pain both by the Common man and the Police. I hope all of them are sulking in one corner of their houses by now out of shame & guilt.

If there is one RESOLUTION we all need to take ahead of many more years to come, it is 'To keep the Lamp of Humanity burning'."