February 16, 2007

One fine morning- An Interview

This was my second interview and I suppose, I had improved a lot since the first one. And, mainly that was because I wanted everything to go well this time. I was there to have someone judge my technical knowledge- no wonder I was being interviewed for a programming job- which I always thought I was bad at. But, may be I wasn't very true with my biased opinion regarding it because I could pull it off very easily. The reason could be anything- smartness, eagerness or frustation. I don't know!

This is how it went-

Indu: Good Morning, Sir!
Interviewer: Morning. Sit down.
Indu: Thank you, Sir.
Int: How are you?
I: Fine. Thank you.
Int: Tell me about yourself.
I: blah-blah-blah
Int: Nice. So, you have done your engineering in... (looking at my resume)
I: Control Systems
Int: Okay. (Asked about my college)
You wrote C, Java in software orientation.
I: Yes, Sir. I had these courses in my first year.
Int: Both?
I: C in first and Java in III-II
Int: Ok. Shall I ask questions from these. Or, do you have any favourite subject?
I: Control Systems
Int: Ok. Have you heard about open-loop and closed-loop?
I: Yes sir
Int: Which of these do you think is our recruitment process?
I: Sorry, sir...
Int: What does our recruitment process comprise of?
I: Test and interview
Int: So, what is it? open or closed?
I: Sir, I think it's completely an open-loop process because if it were a closed-loop, you would take feedback from the candidates after interviewing them. But, you don't take any kind of feedback from us. Based on what inputs/answers we give, you solely decide the output i.e., the result. So, it's an open-loop process.
Int: (Smiles) Good.
You know sampling theory?
I: Yes, sir.
(His mobile rings)
Int: Excuse me!
(Talks over phone for few minutes and returns)
Int: I am sorry.
I: It's Ok.
Int: Where were we?
I: Sampling theory...
Int: Yeah. So, can you explain it?
I: Yes Sir. (Blah-blah-blah)
Int: Good.
I: Sir, can I ask a question?
Int: ahh... Let me ask you first. You can ask later. (Smiles)
I: Yes sir. Of course. (Smile)
Int: I want to know more about your family background
I: blah-blah-blah.
Int: Any other siblings?
I: Only brother.
Int: What is he doing?
I: Working with (some) company as an analyst.
Int: MBA guy?
I: Yes sir.
Int: You don't have any plans of MBA? CAT?
I: I took CAT last year, Sir. No plans of taking it again in the future.
Int: Ok. GRE? any plans of going abroad?
I: No, sir. Not really.
Int: Good.
(Few more technical questions)
I: blah-blah-blah
Int: Good.
I: blah-blah-blah
Int: You wrote painting. What kind of painting?
I: Sketching and oil painting.
Int: You bublished them somewhere? Or...
I: No sir. Just a hobby.
Int: You are an electronics graduate. will you be able to cope with the work in a software firm....?
I: Sir, I am a fast learner. And, considering the training sessions that I would be attending, I don't think learning anything will ever be a problem.
Int: Good.
Career orientation? Goals?
I: Short-term, long-term goals. Blah-blah-blah
Int: Good. Good.
Ok. Any particular technology preference?
I: No Sir.
Int: Any specific work location preference?
I: No Sir. Anything should be fine, I guess. (Smile)
Int: Good. (Smiles)
Now, any questions?
I: (Asked a couple)
Int: (Answers)
I: Ok, Sir.
Int: Ok, Miss. Very good. Thank you! (Smiles)
I: Thank you, Sir. Good day! (Smile)