May 10, 2006

Degrading politics

I was shocked to read about the new agenda of DMK and AIADMK (the ruling party in Tamil Nadu). The poll outcome, as suggested by many newspapers, is going to be in favour of the DMK party. Perhaps, the 'Colour Telivision' carried more value than 'Gold'. :D

Amma (Jayalalitha) promised to grant the scape goats (aam junta) ten Kg rice on every ration card. She also proclaimed that she would give one gold
'mangalsutra' each to every unmarried woman as a wedding gift (planning to waste resources in a new way this time). On the other hand, the DMK president, Mr. Karunanidhi is nowhere behind. He promised a new colour telivision and rice at Rs.2 a Kg for every household. Now, one has to wait and watch the combat between 'Colour TV and Gold'. Not Karunanidhi Vs. Jayalalitha as anyone would expect.

Now, one might wonder why there's so much animosity between the two party leaders. Let me enlighten the uninitiated. Nearly two decades aga, Ms. Jayalalitha was terribly insulted by Mr. M.Karunanidhi in the Tamil Nadu Assembly. Her saree was pulled off by DMK party's members in front of hundreds of others in the Assembly. I do not know in detail about the pre-conflict that led to such an extreme step, but whatever it is, knowing this I can never vote for DMK.


  1. I am enlightened!!!:)

  2. What was thge source of your last para.......

  3. doctor bruno: This is a well know fact. You can confirm it with anyone who know's about this incident.

    Still, just to confirm it, this is a paragraph from one of the columns in India Today... it may not divulge into complete details, but mentions this incident. I am copy-pasting the few lines which mark this incident.

    "If this is the example of "debate", of democracy at work that Parliament sets, it needs little imagination to see what is likely to happen in our state assemblies. It is not uncommon any more for our state legislators to throw things at each other and assault each other physically. On one particularly ugly occasion, please remember, an attempt was made to pull off Jayalalitha's sari in the Tamil Nadu Assembly. We are shocked for the moment, we gasp in horror, political pundits pontificate on the decline in standards of debate, but over the years we have reconciled ourselves to this being our political culture."

  4. "An attempt was made to pull"

    is different from

    "Her saree was pulled off "

    I agree with the first line (Indian Today)

    I asked proof for the second line (your blog) which is imagination (sorry for this word)

    This is not your fault, but the result of the disinformation campaign that has had effects on such learned and educated people like you... then no wonder it would have swayed the rural un educated :) :)

  5. May be now you know the details, you can vote for DMK in the next election :)

  6. I agree that there may be some difference between 'tried to pull off her saree' and 'pull off her saree'. But, both more or less convey the same meaning, the intention behind it. Like, stabbing someone with a knife and causing loss of life with it, relatively carry almost the same weight.

    A man doing such a thing (trying to pull off or pull off her saree)to a woman in public or otherwise is not worthy of respect. How can you say that I can now vote for DMK?? It's such a grievous act on the part of DMK.And, moreover,one doesn't need to be a literate to understand such things.

    How can I expect a political party which has no inner values to depend on, to do justice to the people?

    So, let me make it clear: I Will Never Vote for DMK. Period.

  7. karunanidhi is f***ing cheap

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  9. Y author removed kaushik arr post???,it showing some one man bending manner...