May 24, 2006

A firm duel

I felt I should change the title of my last post because in regard to this one, India is not progressing but it seems to be regressing to nowhere. This isn't 'real development for the future of the country' as quoted by the HR Minister, Mr. Arjun Singh. And, one can't stop but wonder looking at the immense support he has been getting from the prime Congress leaders, who were thought to be more sensible and rationale than few such politicians like him.

Most of us thought that the Prime Minister might dispense his power in taking a righful decision at this hour of need. But, he has let all of us down with his dull compromise with foul politics. Read
this. Even a Harvard graduate, Mr. P. Chidambaram (Finance Minister of India) couldn't escape the pervasion of selfish politics.

It was a big let down listening to Dr. Manmohan Singh on the telivision. Can a person who is deemed as sensible and shrewd in every aspect not understand an issue that has swayed thousands of students? Sir, we expect more than this from you. We really do. And, why shouldn't we? We chose you to serve the country, to build a potent and secure India. Not to ruin it with your rotten political stead.

Increase in the number of seats in educational institutions is not a really good compensative for the increase in reservation quota as suggested by Mr. Singh. The solution given in the article that appeared in The Hindu, yesterday, is considerable. It divided the whole student community into sections and sub-sections based on their caste, economic status, educational background, household income, etc., and alloted points to each on scale. For example, a government school can be alloted 6/7 points on a scale of 10, whereas, an urban private school may be scaled to 0. And, a student whose household income is above a decent range is given 0 points and 5/6 otherwise. Same goes with the other factors in deciding the overall score and subsequently the importance of reservation for the particular student. This is always a better solution than the proposed one.

I hate saying this, but I have to in the wake of reality. Common man can't help but agonize few things in India and this is just one of them.

And, I would still love to say this. Go, India go. Please.


Update: Why doesn't the government do the proper clean up at the primary education level itself? The only answer one can think of is that they won't get any voting from the minors (Citizens below 18 years of age) and hence are considered not worthy of attention. Disgusting.

There are so many pitfalls in our system. I am sick of talking about these. If the system isn't proper, then at least there should be someone who can tug it into the right direction. But, everything goes wrong here, the system and even the crusader who's chosen to correct it.


  1. What you said is absolutely right..Gonna see what will happen..That's what we can do,perhaps...

  2. yeah, let us see who is going to emerge as the winner in this hard fought duel between politics and the real democracy.