July 28, 2005


Check this out.

This is really a good place to get all kind's of varying information online.



I am planning to build my own website. It may take some (or may be a lot of) time to implement it though. Actually, I had one on Tripod till last year but couldn’t update it regularly. So, the account was removed. Now that I am getting used to the blog maintenance, I think I can manage another homepage too. I had plans of including the full version of the most acclaimed work of Rabindranath Tagore, Gitanjali, but now I think I have to get my homepage going without it, because I lost it somewhere on my database. I hope I recover it soon.

I read Made in Japan, a biography of Akio Morita, the chairman of Sony. It’s a good book but I won’t say it makes a compulsive reading. Few pages through, and you may like it or you may not. I have yet another book to read- Business Legends by Gita P.

I am quite busy these days with lots of work at hand. I had read the headlines on the Yuan revaluation a few days back. I wanted to know it in detail but no time to read the ET edition- will do it on Sunday.

July 21, 2005

The Alchemist

…finished reading the book. The subtitle one finds on its cover is- A magical fable about following your dream. It took me two days to read the book considering my time restrictions to engage in other tasks. Coming to the book, I didn’t find anything so magical in it that could change one’s life as I heard someone saying, “It’s arguably the best book I’ve read and it completely changed my lifestyle!”

If something (like a book?) could change us so effectively, we can almost be sure of finding ourselves in a new ‘avtar’ everyday. I read the book just the way I would have read any other story or novel. Of course, there’s some message that the author tries to pass on. I found only two sentences worth mentioning from that book. I liked them; don’t ask me why. I don’t remember the words exactly in the order they were given. So, I will try to present the whole idea in my words.

Whoever you are, or whatever it is that you do, when you really want or achieve something, the whole world will conspire to help you achieve it. There is a force, a mysterious force which will steer you to success..

There’s only one thing which makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure.

July 13, 2005

Timely humour

One of our English professors who taught us in first year left the college. He might have got a better job somewhere else. He always used to say that this was actually not what he wanted to do. I hope he is happy engaged in something else. His class used to be the best for us at that time, mainly because of his sense of humour. We always made sure not to miss his class. His puns used to be too good. We will definitely miss them.

Speaking of sense of humour, my friends feel that I am quite good at it. I don’t know if it is true but, one such incident gives me the same thought. A couple of months back I had to return home from college by bus. I was not exactly sure of the route the bus would take, so I got down at a stop which is a bit too far from mine. It was a long route and I felt that I won’t be able to walk such distance and moreover, I had no money left with me because I bought the bus ticket with whatever little money I had. I tried to take a lift but nobody seemed to be interested in stopping their vehicle at that odd hour. Meanwhile, I saw an auto-rickshaw coming my way. I signaled to him and he stopped near me. I asked him whether he was going in the same direction as my destination and he nodded. Then I asked him if he could give me a lift in his vehicle. Mouth agape, he stared at me for a second. Then he smiled for a while and asked me to sit inside.

It came with such spontaneity that I myself couldn’t believe it. I laugh whenever I think about that incident. Such incidents sometimes trigger my senses and I feel that maybe I am really humorous.

July 10, 2005

Time for a job!

This has been quite a hectic week for us. Our college re-opened last Monday and we were asked to submit our CV’s to the placement cell for the campus placements to be held next month on campus. I don’t know how far it is true but I overheard many people talking about TCS, CTS, Infosys, Satyam, etc.

Eight of our seniors got placed in TCS and five or six in CTS through campus. I had to make three copies of my resume including changes each time until I was sure that that was the perfect one. I had difficulty trying to get the right objective or profile statement out of me that would suit this kind of a software professional job. In fact, I was never interested in this sort of a job that I have applied for. This is just because I was asked to do so by my father and moreover, I won’t lose anything by submitting my resume to the PT.

This semester will definitely be tight for me, in the sense that I will be required to do a lot apart from my regular academics. We also have Java this sem which will bring the wreck out of me! Being an electronics student, I have enjoyed the privilege of not having to deal with programming; first year being an exception where we had to indulge in C. But, it was a big pain for me. As far as I am concerned, I am not suitable or adaptive to programming at all. But, my CV boasts of my programming skills (hey! I didn’t call it my proficiency etc. which otherwise many use to make the employers believe in them at least till the start of the interview because once the interview starts, it solely depends on how well you make them believe that you are the right person for them to employ) in C, Java (that I am studying in this sem), Assembly and microprocessors and microcontrollers like 8086 and 8051. I didn’t put my grades though. :D

Enough of programming for now. I have to prepare for my Java lab tomorrow. Huh!