July 28, 2005


I am planning to build my own website. It may take some (or may be a lot of) time to implement it though. Actually, I had one on Tripod till last year but couldn’t update it regularly. So, the account was removed. Now that I am getting used to the blog maintenance, I think I can manage another homepage too. I had plans of including the full version of the most acclaimed work of Rabindranath Tagore, Gitanjali, but now I think I have to get my homepage going without it, because I lost it somewhere on my database. I hope I recover it soon.

I read Made in Japan, a biography of Akio Morita, the chairman of Sony. It’s a good book but I won’t say it makes a compulsive reading. Few pages through, and you may like it or you may not. I have yet another book to read- Business Legends by Gita P.

I am quite busy these days with lots of work at hand. I had read the headlines on the Yuan revaluation a few days back. I wanted to know it in detail but no time to read the ET edition- will do it on Sunday.

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  1. I read that made in japan in 1997.

    I still remember few things from it.

    Like how they named SONY and how they fought for their trademarks in Japan courts for the name from a chacklet company.

    About his first add hoarding on Airport road

    About his openions of worldwar 2 ( I am a bit surprised here, he supports America completely and inspite of those two Bombs, just business hmmm?)