September 29, 2005

Mobility with my new mobile

I got a new mobile for myself. Had one for seven months- my first mobile, Nokia. Now I have switched to Samsung. Not because of any deficiency in the first one, but because I had to get a new one on account of a proposal that if I lend mine to my grandmother, I would get a new one. So, I got one. I'm really in love with he new mobile. It has great features as compared to the previous one- colour, EMS, MMS, double the memory, awesome pixels and what not! Now, let me see how long it will keep me engaged.

September 24, 2005

360 degrees a day!

I have created a profile on Yahoo 360, the newest service being rendered by Yahoo . Another page devoted wholly to myself. It's a good way to keep in touch with one's friends through Yahoo. It will add all your friends from the friend's list on your messenger and also from your address book. And, you can always add people who are not added to your messenger.

But, one thing I feel is that nothing can beat Hi5. It's the foremost be-in-touch service offered by anyone. Rest followed. By the way, it's quite difficult and also time consuming to manage so many pages and contacts. But, I'll try and do that. After all, I started the entire thing to be in touch with friends 360 degrees a day!

September 14, 2005

T-Shirt T.V

This is marketing strategy at its best!

This video gives the taste of a quirky brand promotion. This time it's for a TV on a T-Shirt.

Click on the link below.

September 12, 2005

Uncivilized act

My friend’s sister got married recently. We all attended the reception the night before the wedding day. I was told by one of our common friends that the dowry given to the groom was around ten lakhs and she felt that it was very less when compared to that given (taken) in her family. I was quite taken aback at the sudden remark. I have always been against this act of dowry-taking (giving). I consider it as an offence done behind the veil of a societal ritual called marriage. I chastise not only the act of taking dowry but also the act of giving it. It really surprises me when people talk about those lengthy figures that they boast of having given as dowry in their daughter’s marriage. What kind of fun is this? This is really serious and people ought to think about it now.

In olden days, brides used to get dowry from the grooms, which was called kanyasulkam. But, now the whole scenario is reversed- women have to buy (?) men. This act was made illegal by the government long back but it is still prevalent in India. Be it a Hindu, a Muslim, Christian, Sikh, one thing can be found common in their marriage- Dowry.

Why should a woman give money to a man to get married? Do her parents feel insecure and believe that their daughter would be happy if she gets into a new relationship and a new household along with money? Or do the groom’s parents feel that their son is incapable of running a household on his own? Why should one be so greedy and insecure that they want their son to be bought by someone? Is this any bidding sale of things where whoever bids the highest amount wins the bid? And you call this a society- A civilized society where people sell themselves or their children just for the sake of money. I often hear many parents saying that they are afraid of high dowries and fear whether their daughter would get married or not. Better you don’t get your daughter married than sending her to live in an uncivilized household!

September 01, 2005

58 years of freedom

Long years ago we made a tryst with destiny, and now the time comes when we shall redeem our pledge, not wholly or in full measure, but very substantially. At the stroke of the midnight hour, when the world sleeps, India will awake to life and freedom. A moment comes, which comes but rarely in history, when we step out from the W to the new, when an age ends, and when the soul of a nation, long suppressed, finds utterance…”

- Historic speech by Jawaharlal Nehru at midnight on August 15, 1947.

(Note- Why did he say, "not wholly or in full measure"? What did he mean by that?)

I found the August 22nd issue of OUTLOOK very interesting. It has some brainy articles set in the pre-1947 and post 1947 period. I always wanted to know in detail about the 1984 Sikh riots. This issue will give you indispensable information on it and on many other historical events that marked the origin of an Independent India and its diversity. The cover story Heroes and Villains of 1947 will give you many insights about the motives of Nehru, Jinnah and other prominent leaders behind the partition. If you are someone interested in knowing our history- its strength and loop holes then this is something you should definitely go for.