June 11, 2006

Investing in a crashing market

This is a decent article that I have come across on Rediff.

The art of investing in falling markets

MoneyLife is an upcoming business magazine. The print copy is really good, but the online one is not being updated properly. The June issue has an interesting article on the study of investing in art.


  1. I saw it on rediff?
    You into finance big time a?

    --Kartik, cuz you didnt like me calling myself KS (remember??)

  2. KS: It's not that I don't like you calling yourself KS. Of course, it's your wish and you can stick to it. No issues from my side.

    And, coming to your question, I am not into big time finance or anything (I wish I were, though). I am interested in finance and hope to settle in the industry some day.

  3. Hi Indu, I'been trying to type to u through 'Orkut' but there is some problem. There is nothing strange when the educated people like you also react with the "No more reservation" slogan. Student's mind sets are so well ruined in this country. I must admit quite clearly that your remarks on the reservation for dalits are absolutely uneducated. Yes, there are many poor and distressed upper caste people but their problems are "class" rooted. Due to the oppression of many centuries ,dalits are sociologically underprivileged. You may show a few examples from the creamy layer of urban dalits and say what about them? but even that layer of population is "culturally" inferior to the creamy layer in the upper caste.
    Culture - the habits of the uppercaste that became a standard over the years.
    India can never become a developed country without the complete elimination of the very old caste system. Because true development means a very healthy societal progres, and it will not be achieved until the very filthy "caste" tag exists in the common nian citizen's brain. It can only be achieved through financial upgradation of the dalits, and the way through which the country should achieve it is RESERVATIONS.
    I would like to give you one example which will tell you the heights of the layered discrimination --- national media has no Dalit news reader, no editor in chief or editor for that case. 80% of the media personnel are from the forward castes, whose share in the population is less than half of their presence!!!!
    India is a multi layered country. So, the solutions won't be so simple as you are thinking.I liked your interests and wanted to share my opinion with you.

  4. Mahesh,

    I am not against rational reservations and I had mentioned it many times in my blog. I never spoke against SC/ST reservations and I always said that dalits and harijans are still backward in our country. All my posts on the issue of reservations were meant only for those who don't need them in anyway.

  5. All of you, please read my posts carefully and understand my argument before trying to comment on the issue of reservations.

  6. I didn't know that the union ministry had ordered a check against the usage of the word 'harijan'. So, I re-phrase the sentence in my last comment as 'very backward people'.