August 25, 2007

Thoughtful Imagination

It feels wonderful to have a good discussion. We had a very knowledgeable discussion sometime back.

“What do you think is the primary difference between an imagination and a thought?”

Each of us had their own answer. But, if there’s someone who can throw some light onto what the most logical answer could be, the work is made easy. We also talked about what an intuition could be, if a thought is something which evolves out of the process of thinking. And, these were the answers that surfaced after a very long yet a patient discussion.

As the description by a great person goes, you can never imagine something you haven’t seen, felt or heard about. And, this definitely seems true. An imagination is an end result whereas, thinking involves the steps one follows to achieve or realize the end result.

An intuition is something which could come true very often. In the sense, if I calculate something according to a formula and arrive at a value and say that this could be the correct one, then the real value may be decimally very close to what I obtain. Then, I say I intuitively arrived at that answer.

We also came up with many questions that had no answers because if there were any then the origin of the universe will no longer seem mysterious and beautiful. It goes something like this. Thinking constitutes a series of thoughts and one thought paves way for the next. So, when thoughts have a nexus with each other and if every thought depends on what you thought about a second (or a micro-second) before, then where does the first thought come from? What is the base for the first thought that strikes your mind? Any takes on it?


  1. Thats quite a thoughtful post!!

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