May 18, 2009

House Hunting

Despite persistent efforts to rent a house for the last two weeks, we fall short of coming across 'the perfect' house - flawless is what I mean. We must have seen around 15 apartments or individual houses, but nothing falls into the i-love-it-and-ready-to-occupy bracket. What all virtues does this bracket hold then? Well, nothing much... I would like big spacious rooms, at least three bedrooms, a neatly done living room and lots of storage. Oops! missed some other details like big balconies, good ventilation and more importantly all these at an affordable price! :D

That's too much you might say, but what's wrong in desiring something that brings satisfaction? By the way, I didn't mention the city we are house-hunting in - Hyderabad. If we come across a good apartment with most of the requirements met, it will either not have closed cupboards among others or has serious problems like seepage, which are hard to tolerate in the long run.

We thought recession has had a big impact on real estate and would help us in getting a worthy yet reasonable bargain. Nothing happened that way. The rents are still sky-rocketing in prime localities. But, we are positive about the hunt and hope to negotiate a fair deal soon.


  1. Nice... Even we are facing same problem in Bangalore. We are searching for 2BHK (2 bedrooms, 1 hall and 1 kitchen) or 3BHK but tooooo much rents here. We have one apartment near by which is very good but rent is very bad. You cant even expect it, Its just 16000 for 2BHK and 160000 Advance. Its tooo much right?? Anyway recession wont effect the rents or advance... So, My aim is to build an apartment and rent it.

    AIM SO HIGH - Building an Apartment.

  2. Yesh Mohan, even I felt that buying an apartment would be better than renting one!