February 14, 2010

Random Thoughts

I am yet to watch Avatar. Tickets for Avatar 2D were easier to get than 3D and I had already made my mind that I would catch it only in 3D. We could not get bulk tickets in the first few weeks and later I became busy. And, now I have lost interest at least not as much required to pull me to the theatre playing it. But, I hope to watch before it is pulled out of Hyderabad. There are few other flicks besides Avatar on my list - Ishqiyan, Sherlock Holmes and couple of others. I usually prefer watching movies on the big screen than at home. It does not build the atmosphere and neither does it have that feel to it. Would love to write a film review here again!

I have been very busy at work of late, working like never before. It has been a year since I have worked this hard. Hope to find time for myself again very soon. Meanwhile, things aren't getting any better in Hyderabad. People are being crazy about this Telangana fever. What good will it make anyway? Disturbing internal peace and debts of hundreds and thousands of crores all over again. :(


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  2. I am reading this article second time today, you have to be more careful with content leakers. If I will fount it again I will send you a link

  3. I really like when people are expressing their opinion and thought. So I like the way you are writing