March 01, 2010

Karthik calls himself 'Karthik'

Karthik does not know that he leaves messages for himself. Moreover, his 'uncommon mental disorder' called Schizophrenia, not only affects his subconscious mind, but also eats up its conscious part to the extent that he cannot distinguish a reminder from a call. How can a reminder get marked as an incoming call or get marked with a number? He can go to the telephone exchange and enquire about the caller or the calling number but cannot trace the reminder in his phone!!!

That is Karthik Calling Karthik, starring an unusually good looking pair Farhan and Deepika. It is about a middle-class, low on confidence Karthik who sees his life change with an unexpected call from a well wisher, also named Karthik. The first half of the film is very slow. The suspense element will not hold you for long and it becomes very obvious as the film reels forward in the second half. The director partly succeeds in gripping the audience in the post intermission segment though. Music by Shankar trio is catchy and songs are well placed. Screenplay could have been better, but editing is the major drawback of this film. Deepika looks good and manages her role well.

My rating for this film - ***
(* You will shoot me
** Waste of time
*** Can sit through
**** Worth watching once
***** Must watch)

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