February 08, 2011

Are you a loser?

Don’t get rankled with this question. You would be in fact taken aback if I tell you that this is a marketing campaign by one of the new breed Obesity clinics in Hyderabad (no names please :) ). The first time I read it on a hoarding, I thought I got it wrong. The next day I made sure not to miss it and was totally surprised and amused to read this one liner on a huge decorated board at a busy traffic centre in the city. Don’t miss the note they mentioned against the (*) mark. :D

I am a LOSER. Are you? *
* I lost 10 Kgs in 3 months

Whoa! What kind of publicity is that? I mean I will definitely not enroll myself into any of your health programs if I stand the risk of being called a loser after all. Marketing one-liners this weird are an obvious put off for any prospect customers. I am no exception either. Re-inventing your creative quotient need not be so adverse that it goes out of bounds and takes your idea to a point of no return or may be to a point with very few returns. Go, Get a life!

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