April 07, 2011

Jan Lokpal - India Against Corruption

India is finally awakening to the dire need for a fool proof Anti Corruption system. The Jan Lokpal bill drafted by a known section of the civil society has now found voice to make its presence felt in the Parliament. This bill should be definitely passed and the necessary legal Lokpal and Lokyukta entities should be set up as soon as possible.

It is really distressing to see that politicians who make long illustrous speeches and take innumerable rounds in the streets of their constituency to take commoners in their stride, fail to stand up and pledge their vote against corruption. How many will have the guts and passion like Anna to raise voice against the government and the charizma to pull the masses into this movement?

When India can witness one billion people coming together just for a game of cricket, a magnanimous movement like India Against Corruption deserves much more than that.

I pledge my support for my nation. I pledge my support for India Against Corruption.

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