October 03, 2011

No-Go for a Separate State

I fail to understand the prime motive or reason behind separating Telangana from Andhra Pradesh this time. If political connotations can be treated as the driving force for TRS, what could it be for the thousands of common people who are fuelling the agitations on a demand for a separate state? What are they going to achieve living in a separate state altogether? More saddening is the fact that th...ese agitating masses involve a minority of the educated lot too, equally from all walks of life. Will it sound hypothetical if I say that all these majorities and minorities are either an emotionally instigated lot or a materialistically instigated (in green or reign) lot. Give me one convincing reason why is there any need to divide Andhra Pradesh; taken the fact that Telangana was not given its due for a long time - but why now?

I go clueless when I read in newspapers about people committing suicide to brandish their affection for Telangana to the government. I don’t feel sorry for them. Why should I? Now again, give me one convincing reason as to why any person with an average or even a decent emotional quotient would take such a drastic step? Or, are they forced to death or lured to death and tagged as martyrs? All such people should be nominated to the Darwin awards – rest assured, at least the average human intelligence (emotional and/or intellectual) will rise in India.

A senior politician tells the government that A.P. is not a laboratory to experiment as they like, when the latter suggested forming yet another committee to take a stance. Yes, Mr. X, you are right. Then why is TRS and all these so-called pro-Telangana activists experimenting like hell with the state and with the interests of lakhs of other common people who share the same state with you but not the same motive like you. Do you have an answer? If you have a concern with not having a separate state of yours, then there are a huge number of others who have a concern with having one of theirs. Yet another example that we are still living on what the British left us – Divide and Rule. This re-affirms my belief that what has been lacking in most of us - post the historic Independence movement - is only a dream to achieve and will continue to lack forever. It is deeply agonizing to bring to mind the fact that our country continues to house crores of people who lack Integrity, no matter how many parts it is broken into derived on but not limited to region, religion, caste, creed and language. Period.

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