March 02, 2013

Pitching against Stars

It's quite amusing to come across articles which describe sun signs and decide how best you can make friends with other sun signs. If zodiac X and zodiac Y can ever be friends. If X would ever be able to put up with Y and vice-versa. What such articles and their writers probably fail to understand is that you do not calculate odds before getting into a relation. I make friends with someone if I like their (his/her) company, if I like them the way they are, but not because they belong to a certain zodiac which supposedly suits mine. These are the factors that strike a chord initially. And then, over a period of time, you gain each other's trust, get emotionally bonded and nurture a relation that lasts for a lifetime. You may dislike tens of things in that person but your strong liking for them makes you ignore all of it. It's as good as pitching against stars and winning hands down. May be that's the reason why people say that friendship is the only relation where you look beyond and probably do not even consider a person's social, economic, religious and cultural upbringing or views.

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