July 19, 2013

Too realistic? I can't help it.

It really amuses me when I see or come across people who love reading too much between the lines, try to understand more than what there is and become judgemental. Check! How can your personality be judged based on a thing or two that you write? If I sympathize and write poetry on a beggar, does that mean that I would have begged at some point in my life just because it looks realistic and touching? Or, if I pen down thoughts imagining myself as a soldier fighting at the Siachen glacier, will it make me one? How hilarious does that sound? Is it too realistic? I can't help it. My only two cents for such people is to have a positive outlook towards things and people in general and to at least ignore creativity in others, if not appreciate it. Ugh! Does that sound too heavy for two cents? :D

I suggest such people to get back to reading the few inspiring liners written in my profile on to the right - that no matter what, I am ready to take on. Here, I am. (wink) :)

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