January 12, 2005

Bharatvasi and Bharatvanshi

Finally, the much hyped `Pravasi Bharatiya Divas’ was successfully observed. And, what a day it turned out to be for the persons of Indian origin (NRI’s). The recent law passed by the government handing out dual citizenship to all those PIO’s brought smiles on the faces of most of them. Though, it is still amidst controversies, dual citizenship is carrying with it an air of joy among the PIO’s.

If people not residing in a country are also provided with citizenship, then what will differentiate the people living in the country from those not living in it? Just their presence? Citizenship is an identity every citizen is provided with to let him/her know that he/she has been recognized as a person who has his/her roots buried deep into the country’s soil, a country they would always love to live in and contribute to, giving them a sense of individuality and pride. The concept of dual citizenship will take away from them the privilege (as they thought of till now) of their sensual presence in their country.

This might inculcate cynicism in the minds of most of the citizens. Their comparison with those who left their homeland to make money or in want of more money or in attraction toward western cultures and living is unappreciable. I agree to the fact that this new law will make travel to India easy for the PIO’s. If that is what the government and the PIO’s want, then some other law should be made in those lines.

This, in no way should involve arguments or comments on narrow-mindedness and broad-mindedness because one cannot think on these lines when one is forced to share one’s identity of belonging to a place with someone who neither belongs to it nor is interested in coming back to it.

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  1. hmm.... dual citizenship is not new, already being provided by some other countries. most of those who do go out to foriegn soils to make their fortunes, eventually send a part of that money home. since the value of dollars (or riyals) is higher here than rupees, its more investment. it strengthens our economy, better liquid funds are available with banks. for eg.. a lot of keralites make their fortunes in the gulf, but do send that money home to relatives.

    the irony however with the govt's granting of the dual citizenship is that they are ready to give it out to ppl in western countries as US, but forget the population that is settled in south africa, gulf, etc. so its a very mean money-minded act. afterall what is their guarantee that they would finally invest in india? most of them just hit the shores and forget.