January 15, 2005

What freedom means to me?

If you say that you have an ultimate question to pose to me and ask me, “What is it that you value the most in life?” By the time you blink your eyes once, you will get an equally ultimate answer- Freedom. Freedom to be what I am, freedom to change myself for the good, freedom to free myself from all those illogical restrictions imposed upon me, freedom to draw my own boundaries, freedom to make my own world, freedom to be the queen of my world, freedom to write what I feel like writing, freedom which inspires me, freedom which drives me to do something that I like doing, freedom to contemplate my future, freedom which means everything to me, freedom- the most precious thing to me.

If this exactly is what freedom means, who wouldn’t dream of it? But, freedom will remain precious only when used in the right sense. One should not exploit one’s freedom. One should learn to live happily in it. One’s freedom should be bound to one’s individuality. It should, in no way hurt others. Freedom can make you, or break you. So, one should decide what one expects from it.

Freedom means everything to me,
Freedom, the most precious thing to me.


  1. After reading this, I realised that freedom should not be wasted...
    It is precious...
    Thats why it is with only some people...But I dont know whether it is abundant for u or not...because U are saying ...it is precious...

  2. Fortunately, I have it in abundance.