January 05, 2006

No resolutions

‘What are your resolutions for the year?’

Everybody keeps asking me this question and I am tired to answer every time. Let me say it once and for all that I have made no resolutions and I never make any. I do not like living life by fixed rules. I live life as it comes to me- in all sizes. I am happy about myself and I do not want to change myself for anything or anyone so long as I do not become the reason for troubles to others. But, I have made a small point this time that I would be a little more patient with myself and with others if they need to be treated so. This ain’t any resolution. It’s just a small favour that I would be doing to myself and also, I think it will benefit me.

However, I do not say that one should not make resolutions. One can if one finds it necessary and would want to stand by it. By the way, this year has started for me on a very positive note and I have learnt a lot from this one incident which, otherwise, I may not have learnt. Anyhow, the summary of the whole thing is- “Everything is in our head”.

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  1. Hi Indu

    This comment is unrelated to the topic of your post. Instead it focuses your dialogue at that ridiculous site called Saveindianfamily.


    You did a marvellous job of pointing out the fallacies in their arguments. These guys are so conservative, it almost scares me that they would be the controlling force behind this government.

    I am a male feminist (you many not be aware, but there are more of us than you can imagine), who would love to see the dream of gender equality come true in my lifetime. People that are based in patriarchal, especially males, will never tolerate their position of power and control delegated to women. Its for people like you who are not afraid to raise their voice, to take the power back.

    Thanks for standing up for what is just.