January 11, 2006

Peace fetches a prize!

One of my cousin's friend, who is in her fourth standard, came home this morning. She told us that there is a drawing competition to be held next week at her school as part of the Sankranti (Pongal) celebrations. She tried to gather as much information as she could from all of us regarding the topic for the same. There were four options- village scenery, unity and peace, city life and something else, which I don't remember. The unanimous vote went to the 'unity and peace' topic because everyone felt that this topic alone could fetch her the first prize. Even I felt so. I told her that I won the first prize in my pre-high school days for choosing the same topic. Also, I gave her the most common and the easiest idea- A Hindu, a Muslim, a Christian and a Sikh holding hands together and an Indian flag behind them, flying high in the background. I was sure that this can definitely fetch her a prize because I got one for the same.

But, I sincerely hope such feelings don't remain just to be seen or to be read in papers. Let's keep these alive amongst ourselves. Let us don't margin ourselves as you and me, as Hindus, Muslims, Christians etc., as people of one state or region, as rich and poor. Let's be just what we are- Indians.

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