February 16, 2006

Flattered this time

It usually doesn't bother me when someone tries to flatter me, but today I felt happy on receiving a compliment from a girl whom I know well. Moreover, I don't mind being flattered once in a while. It so happened that I was singing a song at the top of my voice to clear and tone up my vocal cords which otherwise were not being used regularly for singing. She heard me sing and waited for me to finish the song before saying anything. After I finished my song, she said that she wished she had my voice. She said,"Will you give me your voice? If only I could take it ...."

We may not take every compliment seriously or flattering enough. This one, indeed, has shown its effect on me. This again rang the same question in my mind that had been ringing persistently throughout my life, but now pointing towards me. 'Why do people waste talent when they have enough of it?'

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