September 04, 2006

d' Name game

If my previous post, The Lost Strangers is adapted for a short play, what title would you suggest for it? You have the freedom to dub the play into any language (only the title would be sufficient) and name it accordingly, but please translate the title in a language other than Hindi or Telugu into English because I still have to learn the remaining 21 languages spoken in India. :D

Let there be someone to test your creativity sometimes. :)


  1. 'Lost in Translation' .. Correctly fits this story .. although its a movie name !

  2. Anjana shehar, anokhi ladkiyan!
    - ek din ki kahani

    hahaha :))

  3. Yes.Though its a movie , I experience it. Last november I went to Vienna,Austria on a business conference. Everybody speaks german and only a few people knows english (in my hotel). I know only three words in German ..Guten Tag,Guten Morgan, Guten Abend. Thought of doing an adventure, took a cab and went for sight seeing. After that you can fill the remaining with your story.

    Thinker , inquisitive