September 01, 2006

Mobile Analyst

Endless analysis of online reviews on different mobiles has made me a good specialist. It has become something like a hobby to me - comparing the features and prices of different cell phone gizmos and choosing the best one amongst the whole range of the product. So, I was just wondering if this could be made into a profession. I mean when one can consult professional consultants prior to investing in stock market, then why can't one use the same kind of services when investing in a mobile. Both cost money and both can be risky. That's because you shouldn't repent after spending some thousands of bucks on a gizmo. And, just imagine what would be the case if you spend around 12K-15K on a mobile gadget and end up cursing the poor sound quality or the cam quality after a week or two. This is a risky investment too just like the volatile stock market.

I have infact started advising few of my friends regarding their best bet. They give me the list of features they would like to have in their mobile and I nail down a few phones for them to decide. So, don't you think this can be a good profession to get into?

Are you planning to get yourself a new mobile? Why risk your money without proper research? You can always consult someone who knows how it can be done. You know, right? :D


  1. Well ! Thats a good idea. But in realistic terms , I would hire a consultant for stock market , because I will get some huge profits if everything goes right. With mobiles,laptops and all regular gadgets I wouldn't hire a consultant and ofcourse I dont want to be a consultant for mobiles either because I make less money.

    But your observation and perspective of daily things is interesting. Keep writing more per day.. So finally whats your mobile ? did you get one ? Believe me the more fancy the mobile is , the more irritating it will be (out of my experience). Small, simple and having only the features your use is a good choice (Im becoming a consultant here ) hahaha !!

    You take care .. bye ...


  2. Thinker,

    the profits here may not be as much as those in stock market- no rupee profit here but satisfaction counts a lot for an individual and of course, this would be a smaller profession.

    And, yes I do have a mobile which isn't fancy at all. :)

  3. I Completely agree with you. I told you already .. you got a very good perspective towards life .. so whats your mobile ?