December 14, 2006


Rating- ** 1/2

I watched Mayabazar (Telugu) last week. So, planned to write a review on it. Now do not ask me what Mayabazar means because it is a bit difficult to give a literal translation. But, it's quite a famous title, thanks to the old Mayabazar in black-and-white, which people still remember as a classic. The new one starts with Kubera (The one who lent Lord Balaji the money required for his wedding) being cursed by a sage for his arrogance, but when Kubera pleads him to show him a way to atone for his sin, the sage tells him that the only way he can come out of the curse is by helping a really good human being and serve him for as long as he lives.

Then enters the hero, Srinu (Raja) who is a driver, but is very generous and kind-hearted. He always dreams of becoming rich and helping the poor. There is Anupama (Bhoomika) who keeps following him wherever he goes. One day, he comes across a ten year old young girl, Siri, who is left behind by her father at the airport. Srinu rescues her and takes her to his house. Later, he comes to know that she is suffering from a heart problem and wouldn't survive for long unless it is operated upon and corrected, and he needs three lakh rupees for the same. He curses the God for being so cruel. Kubera hears him and gives him Rs. 5 lakh as debt and Srinu promises him that he will always be ready to give him whatever he wants in return. The girl gets cured and Srinu uses the remaining money to start a business, and he eventually becomes very rich.

Anupama joins him in doing social service as his personal secretary. They fall in love and plan to get married. Now, Kubera wants to get out of all this tension and comes up with a plan. He asks Srinu his life as repayment of his debt. Srinu asks him a week's time to settle everything properly. He tells Anupama that he has cancer and would die in a few days, but she insists on being married to him for at least a day. He requests Kubera to allow him to get married and that he (Kubera) could take his life after a day. Later, after marriage, they come to know that Anupama is Kubera's daughter and now she's married to Srinu. Kubera finally gives in and accepts Srinu as his son-in-law. Srinu takes a word from Kubera that he should use all the money he gets from Lord Balaji every month towards interest for the wellness of the poor. 'All is well that ends well'.

The first half seems a bit sluggsh, but one feels entertained towards the end of the film with good comic timing and well written dialogues. The music will not get onto you, and the songs are badly placed in the film.

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  1. samiiksha baagundi.marinni cinema lagurimchi raayandi