January 08, 2007

Good company

I had been trying relentlessly for the past few days to sign-in into my blogger account until I got through a few minutes ago. It was like a marathon- everytime I clicked on the Sign-in button, it used to get stuck there for a long time. It doesn't matter anymore, now that I am in.

I found two very good reasons to be in good company yesterday. I felt relieved, in the company of thousands of books, at the 18th annual All India Book Festival here, and the discount galore further boosted my purchase potential. I bought a few good books. And, there was a Lok Satta party counter at the entrance. I took some time to go through their agenda and activities, and finally filled in the membership form. It felt really good to see youngsters showing interest towards such developmental programmes. India needs responsible youth and to start with, it's better if one takes the responsibility upon oneself.

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