March 17, 2007

Writing effects

Writing has always been an important tool for us to comunicate, and will always remain one. Recently, I heard a very good explanation on the effects of not writing well.

There's a panda living in the colder regions. It gets bored of a routine and isolated life and migrates to a densely populated place- inhabited by humans. It comes across a bar and asks the bar man for a drink. The bar man welcomes it and gives it more than what it asks for. After eating and drinking whole-heartedly, the panda thanks the bar man. Then, it takes the gun from the security guy, shoots the bar man and leaves smiling. The security guy runs behind the panda and asks it as to why it shot the bar man inspite of being treated well by him. The panda says, "Go look up the dictionary."

The security fellow finds the meaning of panda in dictionary and it reads, "Panda- Eats, shoots and leaves."

There lies the whole mistake- just that one comma. It should have been 'Eats shoots and leaves'. This makes clear the importance of writing properly.

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