March 31, 2009

Aakasamantha - "Memoirs of a Father"

The latest Telugu movie Aakasamantha, directed by first timer Radha Mohan, is quoted as a small but cute film by its producer ('Dil' Raju) and director. The film unveils the experiences of Raghuram (Prakashraj) as the father of a girl (played in three stages) as he narrates them to a stranger (Jagapathi Babu in a cameo) at a park.

Raghuram owns a tea estate in Coimbatore and lives with his wife (Aishwarya) and daughter (Abhi, played by Trisha). He loves his daughter very much, so much so that he once slaps his wife when he realizes that Abhi is hurt in the kitchen. He is very protective and possessive of her. The film is based on the father-daughter relationship (another Telugu flick on parent-child relations), though few scenes look quite unnatural.

Prakashraj is a delight to watch (in spite of getting bored with his monotonous act all along, I am amazed at his comic timing which came forth strikingly in this movie). He is in fact the only asset to this movie. If it were not for him playing Raghuram, I do not think the film would have been at least half as good as it is now. G.V.Raman makes his debut as a well educated sardar, who also forms Trisha's love interest.

Aakasamanta may not be a great film to vouch for, but it has its own comic punches and feel good moments. You can go for it if you have not much to do on the weekend.

My rating for this film - **
(* You will shoot me
** Waste of time
*** Can sit through
**** Worth watching once
***** Must watch)

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