July 29, 2009

Prayanam - A pleasant journey

Prayanam starring Manchu Manoj as Dhruv and Harika as is, is a feel good entertainer. More than 90% of the film is set in the backdrop of Kuala Lumpur airport. Dhruv and his two friends are on a holiday and plan to board a flight to Singapore. Harika is a hair stylist in Malaysia and is on her way back to Hyderabad to meet her prospective groom. The two of them meet at the airport and the next two hours show how Dhruv falls in love with Harika and tries to woo her.

Harika is expressive and perfectly fits the role. But, it was Manoj's performance that took me by surprise. I liked him for the first time in so many years with a handful of films in his list. Manoj literally lived Dhruv's role. In fact a director joked that Manoj has finally got a female fan when I told him this. :D. Brahmanandam provides comic relief as tiger man. The scenes between him and Dhruv's writer friend are funny.

Prayanam is a very light hearted film. It may not lie in the interest of those who look for a mixture of drama, action and romance.

My rating for this film - ****
(* You will shoot me
** Waste of time
*** Can sit through
**** Worth watching once
***** Must watch)


  1. em rayalo teleedu kaani ekkada rayalo telsu :D

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