August 04, 2009

Love Aaaj Kal -

Love Aaj Kal is declared a hit in Mumbai by film trade analysts. Is it that Mumbai audience has a different taste for films or is it that it has been deliberately declared a hit? Whatever it be, I did not like the film and I have a few reasons. Firstly, the film runs at a very slow pace. Secondly, the first ten minutes is made very complicated, in the sense that, the present and the past are shown back to back, compelling the audience to get confused. After something like Jab We Met, this film was quite disappointing.

Saif was good to watch, but there's nothing new from Deepika. The screenplay was complicated but Imtiaz handled it very well especially after the first 40 minutes. The film begins with a break-up between Saif and Deepika because they feel that they cannot sustain a long distance relationship. She heads for India for a career in art restoration and he stays back in London to pursue his dream of getting into Golden Gate Inc. in the US of A. Saif gets a new blonde girlfriend and Deepika dates her boss (the charming Rahul Khanna). Time and Rishi Kapoor make Saif realize that Meera (Deepika) has become an integral part in his life. He goes to Delhi to meet her and they eventually realize that they are together even after a one year break-up.

Rishi Kapoor was apt for the Sardar's role, who gives lots of gyan to Saif and narrates his own love story in a parallel track which runs in a similar fashion. There are few glitches like the episode where Meera gets married to her boss and the truth dawns upon her the very next day that she is in love with Saif. If it takes one day for her to make a decision, why couldn't she decide in the short span before her wedding?

The surprise package of the film is Neetu Kapoor's entry in the last scene as Rishi Kapoor's wife.

My rating for this film - ***
(* You will shoot me
** Waste of time
*** Can sit through
**** Worth watching once
***** Must watch)


  1. Firstly, Mumbai people liked it because, they could relate to it. (I am not from Mumbai, but i could still relate to characters of saif & deepika in the first 20 min of the movie). Saif & Deepika exactly behave like people from current (your and my) generation.

    Secondly, past & present is shown in parallel to show the contrasting differences. Its not tough to follow. And it is far away from making you confused.

    I think Imtiaz raised his bar with this film after Jab We Met.

    Deepika was fantastic in her acting. I was pleasantly surprised to see that she can act. The scene where both of them talk about +ve and -ve points of each other was fantastic. Deepika has excelled in that scene.
    I think her acting was decent. Cant expect anything more from an actress with that experience.

    Finally, coming to the fact that she realizes what she wants after marriage, she realized what she wants only after experiencing the state she was in (getting married) and deciding the best way forward for her and her husband.

    These are just my views.

  2. It's not about current or previous generations. It's about the story. It could be a Parinda or a Jab We Met! A review is always given from the writer's point of view. I neither agree nor disagree with you because it's your opinion. I just put my point across through this blog.

    Please read the post carefully. I didn't say that the whole past present episode is confusing, but just talked about the initial parts. And, if you take decisions only after you allow yourself sink deep into whatever state you are in, then you are not serious about life!

    Also, I really do not think that Deepika is a very good actor, but if someone says that she is evolving as an actor then I would have no problems with it.

    Finally, I do not encourage anonymous comments on my blog. If you want to comment, do it openly!