December 29, 2012


When I saw Facebook asking me "How are you feeling, Indu?" in its Update Status box today, I felt like screaming to the loudest I can that I feel depressed, angry, frustrated and a lot more. And, this is just a wee bit of what I want to vent.

"It took a death for the nation to awaken, for people to think about change in society, for the Legislation to amend laws and for everything else that needed to change in this country. All this because of the death of a woman we have never met in our lives. The whole nation took this tragedy personally so much so that everybody across the country stood united as brothers and sisters for that one woman we don't even know the name of. But, I thank God for taking her into his arms to protect her for eternity. There is nothing left to be given to her now. There is no point in living half paralyzed and crumpled for the rest of her life. Before you try to judge my morals, I want to admit that I feel the loss too. I feel like I have lost somebody I admire. I feel like I have lost myself, in this country of injustice, inequality, corruption, casteism and now RAPE. Yes, this is the country I live in and this is my country. Sadly, there ain't any pride left now to make this statement.

It is not about this one incident. I was shocked to read statistics which say that a woman is raped every 22 minutes in India. Out of which, most of them go unnoticed, unreported. In most of the cases, women hesitate to approach police for fear of further harassment or most of them drop out in the middle for the same reason. All of this happening in the same country and the same society which proclaims worship of women as its culture.

Disparity, insensitivity and a thousand more adjectives to name. Yes, this is my country and this is the country I live in. And these are the people I breathe along with."

Numb out of no suffering. Period.

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