August 22, 2005

First hurdle

We had our first lab internal examination in Java for this semester today. Each of us had to execute two programs. Mine were- To find the factorial of a number using applets and To display buttons using again applets. I couldn’t get the output for the first one for a long time. The program generated three errors as expected. :D

I, somehow, managed to eliminate the errors, but then I faced a new problem. The ouput was not being shown, i.e. the corresponding factorial for the given input was not being generated in the applet window. So, this time I incorporated the print statement directly in the program such that the input fed into the applet would result an output in the command window. I successfully managed the whole thing in the end. And, the Viva-Voce was not at all difficult. He just asked some basic questions.

I passed the first hurdle, but am not sure of the rest! :D

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