August 07, 2005

My First Interview

I attended my first interview at college yesterday. It was for Satyam Computer Services Ltd. The process involved three rounds- first, the written exam, second, the group discussion and the third and final, the interview round. The written exam included analytical, logical questions and a C program for which we had to guess the resulting output. I didn’t attempt the C question though, taking my poor programming skills into account. I attempted only the analytical and logical part and got through quite easily.

I was one of the 200 students short listed from among 1400 students for the GD round which also went very well. Our topic was ‘Ragging in college- should be allowed or should not be?’ At one point in time I thought I wouldn’t be selected because the panel judge reminded me that I was changing the topic, but I could manage well in the end. I scored more points in GD. Unfortunately, the panel changed in my interview round. By the way, let me not keep you in suspense, I wasn’t selected. And, that’s good in one way because had I been selected for Satyam I would not have been eligible to attend for the next round of campus interviews which include companies better than Satyam like TCS, Infosys and Wipro. Had the panel been the same for my interview, as it happened with many of the selected students, I would have had a chance of getting selected.

Sixty students were short listed for the third i.e., the interview round. I did well in the HR round. I stayed composed and didn’t lose my balance anytime in the interview. There were two gentlemen on the panel, one for HR and the other for technical. The HR round was somewhat a comedy. I wrote in my resume that my interests include classical music, painting and poetry. He asked me to sing a song. The techie asked me if I could draw his face. I said that I would try. He warned me that if I don’t get it correct, I would be rejected. He wanted to know whether I would take a risk or not. I said that I was ready for the risk. But he stopped me when I was about to draw.

The technical interview was much funnier. I was not at all interested in the job, not Satyam at least because I was in no mood to sign a two year bond with them and get stuck for the next two years. So, I tried my level best to screw the interviewers. At one point in time, the HR fellow said, “Miss. Indu Bhargavi you are very smart”. I was smiling all though the process. The HR fellow asked me whether I was feeling tensed or not. I said ‘NO’.

The technical round went very badly. Actually, I didn’t prepare for the interview. I didn’t even go through the theorems, circuits and all. They asked me some difficult questions and some easier ones too only for which I gave answers. I told them that my interesting subject is Micro Processors (I hate it!). And, he went in depth of the subject. Oh, my God! I never knew someone could frame those kinds of questions from microprocessors. The technical interview was hopeless but it was very funny to sit in front of the panel and tell them indirectly that you actually don’t need their job. I forgot to tell you the funniest part of all this. I was the first one to be called for the HR at 3P.M. I went inside and told them that I haven’t had my lunch yet and that I would feel much more tensed with an empty stomach. Then they asked me to have my lunch first and return later for the interview.

Anyhow, it was a good experience as it was my first interview and also I enjoyed a lot.


  1. I came to your blog after reading this comment of yours on Miles to go - "Jaya, I can understand you because I feel the same way sometimes....".
    It was impossible to miss your genuine concern for her. One is lucky if one can bless the others from heart and wish that others be happy. Also, I have seen that it pays when one goes about life with a sense of gratitutde - That "I already have so much! I am lucky to have been living a life where I could study and also let my creative talents flourish. Just look at other people in the world and I could have been so much more miserable."
    I say this because I see that we often do not realize that we have no control over what we have been given in life. Did we choose what creative talents to have at time of birth? - or the well-to-do family that we were born to? NO!! It was given to us, almost like a gift! And the best attitude to me then would be to enjoy the skills we have, help others and be grateful for the skills at the same time.

    So I wish that you be happy always like you have suggested to Jaya. Also, don't you think that we are hardly in control of what happens to us and to the world? And so in such a case, sometimes it is good to surrender and not to regret over something in the past. The past is anyway over leaving us here in the present moment and it is so much upto us to make the world a more lively, funny(!) and better place in the present.
    Let your talents bloom and let the world enliven by your spirits and your creativities as music and writing.


  2. All the best for your upcoming interviews.Keep enjoying the trials. I feel there are no standard rules to get a job. you are enough confident and you will be getting too soon. But onething is true, its the zeal that keeps you going. getting a job and making money make very little sense in the long journey called life, it is the zeal and persistence that keep you going and make you success in what ever you do.

    Take care

  3. Congrats on Screwing Up the interview!!
    I had warned you already not to join the company.Brave Girl, Wise Girl!!!

    You'll get into a much better compnay very shortly, dont worry.