October 30, 2005

Don't dictate our conduct!

...because you have no rights to do so. I have been following the articles on Women and dress code in the newspapers. And, I was quite disturbed by the observations made. Now, I have my own observations. Why does everybody pose restrictions on all that is related to only women? Most of the colleges banned jeans and other western outfits on campus and moreover, a state went to the extent of banning these outfits forever just because they feel that these kind of dresses intrigue men.

Is this what you call equality and democracy, where you expect women to live their lives according to your terms? A good, old author asked women to be in the limits of decency and not dare sport jeans and other dresses. What is so indecent in wearing jeans? If that itself intrigues a man then he should be ashamed of himself and his infected mind. Violence against women has always existed. It must be taken away from roots. Why does the society blame the sufferer when you ought to punish the wrong-doer for his crime?

If a man looks at a woman it is his fault, not the woman's. Why are women made accountable for the actions of men? When men are not able to control their own actions, then they have no right to judge or dictate women and their conduct. Women have every right to do and wear what they want just like men and, men have no right to dominate them in this age of living. If there needs to be equality, let it be in every form.

We don't wait for it to be granted to us anymore, we demand it.

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