October 31, 2005

Happy diwali!

Wish you all a very happy and prosperous diwali!

May this day bring a new ray of light in your lives.


  1. Same to you too, btw u lot(blogrollers in ur gang) seem to be apprehensive to reply to comment givers, does it scare u or something, u do have comments enabled right???? grow up!! :)

  2. sidhu,
    there's no space for apprehension or scare here. By the way, which gang are you talking about??

  3. Gang imples u darth coder and the lot mentioned in darthcoder's blog, NO ONE including dc replied or answered anything in comments, in a lighter sense its' bad manners in blog ...:).
    also I find articles u mention interesting and I have read most of them before, directly from the sources, but rarely do you voice your opinion on it and just mention the articles, it's just a comment u can choose to ingore it or improve upon it....