October 16, 2005

Just Like that

I am quite busy these days and that is the reason why I have not been blogging regularly. Just had some time off in between for Dussehra. I planned to do many things but nothing seems to work. I have Life Of Pi and had been planning to start and finish it off. But, no time even to take a look at it.

I heard that the movie Flight Plan is quite good. So, planning to watch it. Just a couple of weeks more and then we would be having our semester end exams and that would be the end of the 7th semester. It will then leave us with just another semester. These days I have started toning up my vocal cords again and have been successful at it to some extent. Also, read some very interesting articles in the past few days- INC- Pre-independence days, Mitrokhin Archives and the KGB allegations on INC. They are must read ones- highly engrossing!


  1. hi!!

    Got a nice blog here :)

    All the best for ur studies...

    have fun,


  2. came here after lot of days.

    Nice going.

    Particularly on Iran and Gandhi.