November 11, 2005

Awfully Created Substance!

That's what I will call ACS from now. By the way, ACS is one of the subjects for us in this sem and refers to Adaptive Control Systems. We had ACS exam today and God! I made complete disaster out of it. It went awfully. I had learnt four tedious methods for designing adaptive systems out of five and they asked the fifth method for 16 marks! Aaaaah! Sometimes you feel so helpless inspite of having the paper in hand and ample time to fill it through. That's the way I felt at noon. I hope I won't flunk because I don't want it to happen for the first time in my student life.

The biggest joke was my attempt at a question. We had to derive the minimum variance control for self-tuning regulators and I forgot the first general equation itself which had to be used to conclude the control. I knew the derivation. So, the examiner will find the correct derivation but there will be no trace of the general equation in the whole paper! What a blast!

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