November 23, 2005

For a change

At last it is a good sign for the political glitches in India. Peaceful elections in Bihar! It's a welcome change in Bihar after 15 long years of RJD rule. Finally, people have realized the true potential they have in choosing the right leader for this democratic country. But, this should not be the case with only Bihar. This should pave a new path for politics in India- a new wave that might erode the old marks.

I could never understand the reason why people in Bihar chose Lalu so religiously or was it because of rigging. Whatever it is, the outcome this time is refreshing. The election commission is finally getting its actions right. The people, the voters, the Police, everybody was sincere in their duty this time, atleast better than in the previous years. Or should I say, the system is functioning better now?

1 comment:

  1. I is quite satisfying to hear something positive about the Indians and their choice of a leader.