November 07, 2005


I have been planning to put up a list of the books in my so called personal library. I love books! And that's the reason why I never falter from talking about them. My favourite? Nothing yet. I still have to come across my favourite book. But, there are a few which I would not like to part with. Here they go, not in any order.

Pappillon - Henry Charriere- Non-fictious novel

The Fountainhead - Ayn Rand - Novel

Mahabharat- C.Rajagopalachari- Epic

Arthashastra- Kautilya- History

Complete short stories Sir Arthur Conan- Fiction
of Sherlock Holmes- Doyle

I really enjoyed reading Pappillon, Mahabharat (umpteenth version) and Fountainhead- Pappillon for the way it was written, Mahabharat for the way it is and Fountainhead for the mould of its characters.

There are many other books too that I liked reading. These are just few of them.

I hope to make a huge library of mine one day. So, awaiting any membership?? :-)

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