December 29, 2005

My first film review

I watched Bluffmaster last week with my cousins. We arrived a bit late at the theater. So, we had to buy tickets in black (I know it's a culpable offence and I feel very bad for that). Now, coming to the film, you gotta watch such films only in theaters. Don't dare watch it at home on a CD/DVD. You bet you will hate yourself for having wasted two precious hours on that film. One might get bored in the beginning but the tempo sets up only after the first thirty to forty minutes. It was nicely made and nicely told. People should look beyond the conventional love stories and action flicks for such films. Nana Patekar fitted the role well. So, did Boman Irani. If you got bored with all the romance and action being shown these days and would want to watch an entertainer light-at-heart, then go for Bluffmaster.
My rating for this film- ****

( * you will shoot me
** waste of time
*** can sit through the film
**** worth watching once
***** must watch )

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