December 20, 2005


I had a nice nap in the afternoon during TT lecture and was awakened by the Asso. Prof.. :D It was a nice experience though, being interrupted by your teacher in the middle of a relaxing nap. I was feeling very tired as I had no proper sleep last night. I was on my way home from Hyderabad on a bus. She woke me up and asked me if I was sleeping and I said yes. I thought she would ask some questions related to the topic she was teaching at that moment, but she didn't say anything, was that final semester freedom, or may be she felt empathetic towards me.

I confirmed my project on Audio Signal Processing which I would start working on in the first week of January. And, that may extend up to two months. By the way, we had a blast of time in Hyderabad. Caught some memorable moments on cam.

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