December 15, 2005

Near completion

We are about to enter the final phase of our engineering. Twenty days later I will start doing my final Btech project. I will be doing it in signal processing related areas. Not yet confirmed. So, I may not blog for two months as I would have to leave for some other place where I may or may not find a suitable cafe to blog from. So, it all depends on the place where I would be residing.

College has been re-opened this week. And, it feels good to have only two courses to study in this semester. Polaris and ADP Wilco are going to visit our campus in the last week of this month. But, they are going to recruit only computer science graduates as it will suffice their requirement. Well, that shouldn't bother us much as there are other companies too to visit our campus next April/May. Whatever happens, happens for the best.

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