March 08, 2006

Good morning India

This is arguably the best news piece I have seen till date: What will India's innovation and booming economy mean for Americans?

It was excerpted from one of the episodes of the famous show on the American Telivision, Good Morning America.

Sometimes, it makes you proud of what you are, an Indian, and at the very next moment might make you a bit angry at what the Americans have thought us to be. But, it truly shows India the way she is- the booming economy, the bustling city life, the peace of a village, the dirty slums, the diverge religions, the technology at Infosys and the pentiums operated from mud huts, the McDowells' and the chai dhabas. Everything. Virtually everything.

There are some pluses and also some minuses about what others have to say about us. I am writing not categorizing them into any.

- India is a miracle.

- India is a just a big state of red tapes, party politics and corruption.

- India is developing fast (Showing some technological parks like Infosys and BPOs). Why,then is it still this way (Now, showing some clumsy upmarket place and slums).

- A vegetable vendor quoting to the American anchor of the show, "We are not behind you. We are with you."

The video will possibly annoy you with the frequent breaks in it, but it is still worth watching.

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  1. Good Morning Indu...

    This is Karthik. I've seen this video just a couple of days back....
    India : What you see outside is not what is inside and its an explosion of 50 years of pent up aspirations....
    I've seen some of ur blogs and I should admit, you are writing very well....Good job!!!!
    Your preface to your novel was impressive too....

    Keep blogging. You now have an additional reader...