March 31, 2006

Tough things, not tough days

“Today has been a very bad day for you. You should look out to avoid anything worse than these.”


I don’t want to say anything about these two statements because I don’t believe in anything like good days and bad days for someone. But, indeed, today I had to feel bad or suffer for many things. The first incident happened in the morning when I left home for college on my bike. I met with an accident. Luckily, for me, I could escape with some minor injuries here and there; the worst of all to my left knee. It so happened that I was going at somewhat more than the normal speed in my hurry to reach college soon as I was already late than the usual time and there was this person (the reason for the accident) in front of me who took a quick right turn. We were so close to each other that I couldn’t expect his intention to do so. I applied sudden brakes with all the force I could generate through my fingers and in the need to avoid a clash with him, I took a forcible turn to the right. I couldn’t restrain the instability in the movement of the bike and went skidding down the road for a couple of seconds. Fortunately, there were no heavy vehicles on the road at that time. The best thing to laugh away about this is that when I fell down with the bike upon me, I started talking to that man in a very angry manner; not because I had fallen down but for the mere fact that he had violated the basics of traffic rules and civic sense. But, I don’t feel there’s anything wrong in whatever I had done since the only reason for the accident was his negligence towards safety, the first and foremost thing that we are taught about as the reason for inculcating traffic sense in us. I should probably have been riding at a lesser speed. I feel I was at wrong too. May be, it could have helped me in applying brakes in a safe manner. But, I hadn't expected him to do something as bad as that.

I had no time to think of my injuries and the accident as I had to reach college in time. I washed my wounds with some water from a nearby tea stall and set off for college again. No regrets about the accident or the injuries that I have sustained but my bike now has got a few ugly scratches on it. :-(

The second incident is that I didn’t do well in my exam. We had two successive exams today, one after the other. I performed very badly in the first one. The third incident is that I lost my book at college in the afternoon. It was a library book and now I will have to buy a new book for the library and it is a very expensive one!

I am pretty fine with all my injuries still there stinging at a very regular pace of time, but someone please find me the book and get some marks added in my paper.

Tough things never last, but tough people do. :D


  1. The opening line looked like a deccan chronicle astro today or something..
    btw I didn't completely understand ur comment.
    ALso where's the rest of the story from kakinada port in pre-independent India?

  2. sidhu: nothing much to think about it. And, the story of that post ends there as told by my grandmother. Just notice that the post ends in the 1947 time when we got independent.

    Now, I am looking for other such people who can tell me about their first hand experiences of the things at that time. I don't know when I will post something on it again. Will have to wait for some time. May be a long time. I don't know. By the way, welcome back to my blog.