March 26, 2006

Kite Runner

I finished reading two books in these two months time. Life of Pi and The Kite Runner. Life of Pi was good, but it can't be a fast read. Sometimes, it gives you the feeling that it is a never-ending novel. The beginning gets you bored, but as the story proceeds it will take you into a different phase of the book set at a better pace and with a gripping tale altogether. It took me a little more than a month to complete it. But, I really doubt the authenticity in the author's claim that the story is real. I can hardly believe that a person can endure about 272 days on a lifeboat in the Pacific.

The Kite Runner , on the other hand, is an amazing read. The best part about the book is its engulfing narration. The way the story had been dealt with will leave you wanting more of it. The characterisation was excellent with every character brought in at the right time and serving a fitting purpose. I never thought an Afghani can come out with such good stuff. But, if you are someone who likes entertaining stuff like Catch22 or pulse-racing thrillers then this one is not for you. You might get bored with its serious drama. The Kite Runner has been adapted for a film with the same title as the book. It is being directed by Marc Forster, the one who directed Finding Neverland, and is slated for a December release. .


  1. You can read the book "World is Flat" by Thomas Freidman (or Freidman?). Quite a good read. Its about the genesis of globalization and the process in full flow. I amy not agree with some bits of what the author really says (I being an Indian), but yeah, its not boring.


  2. Nice, Good Read.

    Keep it going buddy.


  3. anna,

    I've heard about this book everywhere. So, I'll try to get a copy for myself.

  4. I just finished reading and writing about the The Kite Runner myself and was looking out for reviews in the blogging world when I chanced upon your blog. Something that you say really strikes me as interesting - "I never thought an Afghani can come out with such good stuff." During my first visit to Afghanistan last year, I realised that there lies a sea of talent of all kinds kept repressed and hidden from the outside world for so many years. Had I not visited the country, I too, I think would have felt the same way as you did after reading the book. In another sence this book has also put a more human face to Afghanis on the whole. It somewhere takes us back to our readings of "The Kabuliwallah", the stout Afghan, full of tenderness.

  5. ambrosia: yeah, there is a lot of hidden talent out there in this world. Some gain from it and others are left behind.