April 16, 2006

To hell

"Dare to look beyond?" The students of IIPM can tell you how true it is.

The students of the Indian Institute of Planning and Management have started a website which will give the inside information about the college and its operations. The students say that they are being cheated on everything and that the government should take an affirmative action against it.

The IIPM staff even threatened the bloggers who had written about this issue in favour of the suffering students. They left threatening comments at
Rashmi Bansal's blog, but could not do so at Gaurav Sabnis' for the comments were disabled in his blog.

The website run by the
IIPM students will reveal everything about the institute.

The website is called:


  1. what is the government doing? Who gave them license to run college? it should bew seized.

  2. yeah I know about both the blogs you mentioned..
    And yeah the government should take an affirmative action against what u said..
    Btw How're you,my friend..long time no see..