April 07, 2006

Book Tags

Tag- this is the happening thing in blogging world lately. I was tagged by dc long ago. But, I couldn't write anything on it and couldn't tag anyone in turn. So, I am writing now on it.

Tagging something or someone is very simple (as I got to know about it). A person who is tagged (book tagged, in my case) has to write about everything that he/she is asked to about them.

For book tags, you need to write about the number of books you own, the last read, the last one bought, the book you are presently reading, books that mean a lot to you, and finally, you need to tag five other people for this to pass on.

My list-

Books that I own - A lot, but like I had mentioned in the comments on my previous post that I own nearly fifty books that I can count on for starting a library, I will mention a few here.

- Kite Runner
- Life of Pi
- Papillon
- Mahabharata (by C. Rajagopalachari)
- The Fountainhead

I'll stop here, otherwise, it will go on and on.

I like a lot of books. So, there's no point in mentioning the whole list.

My last read was Kite Runner, by Khalid Hosseini and I had written about it in Kite Runner

I am not reading anything presently. :-(

Books that have been with me for a long time, yet couldn't be read are Leo Tolstoy's famous classics, Anna Kareina and War and Peace. I bought them just because I wanted to have them as a part of my collection.

Now, for the last part of this tagging business, I don't choose to tag anyone. you are welcome to take up the tag on your own.


  1. It's good to know that you're a bibiliophile!
    have a great weekend,indu!!

  2. "Tagging something or someone is very simple " Yes it is :)

  3. Gangadhar: Hey thanks! Yes, I do like reading a lot. I hope it goes with me forever. And, good to see you here again. :)

    You have a great weekend too!

    Vanathi: Yeah, it's very true, especially doing it to someone.:D

    welcome to my blog, Vanathi! :-)

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  5. musaed: I'm sorry. I don't know any such websites. Anyhow, welcome to my blog.

  6. fountainhead is a nice book. I read it long back.

  7. Anon: yeah, it's a good book. But, I liked it only because of two of its characters, Howard Roark and Dominique Francon.

  8. hey indu i have read almost all books in your list but wish to talk of only one now...fountain head is amazing, one of the best books i have read,in the end,when theres just a page left, you are thinking, something has to happen now, the climax has to be just as good as every other para in the book, but there is this nagging feelig that you will be disappointed.Then you read of Dominique travelling up the elevator, over the concrete jungle, above the roof tops, with the birds, above them, at par with the mountains far away,and above everything is Howard Roark, in his rightful place...there couldnt have been a better ending and i couldnt have been more satisfied with it!