April 03, 2006


Ten things I wish to do before I die-

  1. Publish my own book (Bestseller!)
  2. Cut an album
  3. Make a hit film
  4. Render stage performances in Carnatic classical music
  5. Have my own start up (Company)
  6. Become a people's politician (Not for power, but to deliver)
  7. Receive the Best Citizen award (If they give any)
  8. Own a huge personal library
  9. Contribute something great to the field of Mathematics (ala Madame in Madame Curie!)
  10. Travel, travel and travel (Across the globe too!)

I am not sure about all these wishes, but I will definitely try to make at least three of these come true.

UPDATE: Read comments


  1. nice list.

    which three?

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  3. 5,8,10 are the easiest of the lot!

  4. 1,4,5,6,8 and 10 are most likely to happen

  5. Karthik: Yeah, I agree with you. It's a very comprehensive list. And, wishes are something that ought to be so. Otherwise, they won't excite you or charge you up.

  6. Sidhu: I am not sure about no.5, but no.8 is the easiest one and no.10 is also achievable.

  7. karthik: thanks for having said that that no.1 is most likely to come true.

    I have prioritized them according to their degree of possibilty of coming true.

    Here, they go.

    1. Own a personal library
    2. Travel (This depends on how much money I would earn)
    3. Make a film(Never mind,hit/flop)
    4. Cut an album
    5. Render stage performances
    6. Publish a book
    7. Have my own company
    8. Become a politician (a wise one)
    9. Receive the 'Best Citizen' award
    10.Madame Indu!

    It's a strange concurrence that none of you had mentioned no.9, and I have pushed it to no.10 in the re-arranged list.

  8. Having a personal preferance list Vs. Degree of possibility list might help in pushing the bottom ones slightly higher in the above list.

  9. karthik: yes, that's true, but for now, I can only think of the first two personal preferences - personal library and making a film.

  10. Make a film?

    Hope u or the producer have lot of bucks!


    Jst kiddin'

  11. Can we reserve a 'role/character' in your film? :)

  12. Harsha: I don't have all the money that can go into the making of a film. Still, let's hope for the best to happen.

    karthik: yeah, you can get one if you can play it up a little bit. :p

  13. How come nothing on blogging?

  14. Hiren: Just like that. I didn't find any space to fit in blogging to the list. It can be at no.11 if the list is lengthened.

    By the way, welcome to my blog.

  15. cool. hope u decided on list.

    what next? started implementation?

  16. Harinath: I already have upto fifty good books that can go into my personal collection. And, the script is ready too. I am on a lookout for a good producer and the right time to start shooting for my film. :D