February 16, 2005

Anne Frank!

Last week I read ‘The Diary of Anne Frank’ which is described as a touching and ever lasting personal document during the world war. It was a good book. Mainly, when you think of someone who had to hide for nearly twenty-five months, getting bored, always having the desire to go out and breathe fresh air, etc. and etc., you will really be amazed at their guts and confidence of surely getting freed from the German (Hitler) monopoly one day.

This was the first time that I read anything wholly regarding the violence, monopoly and terror against the Jews in the 1940’s. The descriptions about the inhuman actions against them and the way the Germans terrorized them under the rule of Hitler has touched me somewhere in my heart. I really don’t understand why any person should strive to get hold of supreme power over others. Why should anyone have the desire to rule people and that too with such cruelty? May be that is why the Hitler empire broke down in few years.

But not all contexts in the book are regarding the war. It also portrays the fine threads between relationships, the shaping of the mind of a girl who just becomes an adolescent, her thoughts and her life she leads along with seven other people at a place called ‘Secret Annexe’. The most terrible part being that after they hide for twenty-five months and when new hopes of liberty rise in their minds, their news of hiding gets betrayed to the Gestapo(German police) by a Dutch informer just for the sake of a very small amount of money. On the whole, it is worth reading.

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