February 04, 2005

Bookworm eh?

Thanks to xyz, my friends think I have undergone a weird transformation lately (at least swetha thought that way). She said that I am going to become a bookworm if I continue reading at this pace. But, frankly speaking I never liked that word, leave alone becoming one. Now, I talk less with others and am doing more of introspection. If you ask me whether or not it will help, then it does most of the time. At least, I find solace in similar acts because now I get to spend more time for myself and for the poetess in me (now whatever that will mean to you!).

Maybe, swetha is correct. I have changed. This time it is only for me and I like it. And, all this will work only when you stop bothering about the thought of what others think of you. Thanks to xyz, it is working for me. Now, if you ask me what this xyz is then I myself don’t know what it is. But, don’t you worry. I will find it out soon. :D

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  1. Have you found out what is that XYZ you have mentioned in your blog?